La Collecte au boulot: Generating gratitude at work!

  • Goal for La Fondation La Collecte :

La Collecte's goal is to raise awareness of our mission through a charitable event in the workplace.

Objectives for the partner company or institution :

  • Create a sense of belonging by rallying their work teams around gratitude and sharing
  • Emphasize corporate values to employees
  • Contribute to the development of the community through a recovery activity. All donations saved from landfill will go to fund Big Brothers Big Sisters activities
  • Publicly display the company's altruistic values with the content captured during the activity.
  • Made to measure!

    It's also possible to extend the collection of donations to your community and partners!

    Ask our Communications Manager about a customized campaign!


    Our communications and operations teams take care of everything. Just let us know what you're interested in, and we'll arrange a date that's convenient for you. Then we'll take care of internal and external communications.


    With your consent, we will post your event participation on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and WordPress.

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