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What is a
Pop-up La Collecte?
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What is a
Pop-up La Collecte?

Our goal is to meet and raise awareness of our cause among potential corporate and individual donors at community events, festivals and trade fairs.

Added value!

We bring ecological and community value to every event where we travel with our tent to collect clothing donations.

Communication campaign included!

We invite citizens via our platforms and at our expense, so as not to interfere with the host's communications.

  • Marquee 10 x 10

  • 2 6-foot folding tables

  • A cotton candy machine

  • Portable bbq

  • A bubble machine

  • Air dancers

  • Transport truck

  • Foldable insert

  • Rolling transport bin for clothing

  • Bluetooth speaker

Equipment at your disposal
Design sans titre (61)
Design sans titre (63)
Habitat pour l'humanité
Grand Frères Grandes Soeurs
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