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''We pick up your clothes and household goods at your home, free of charge!free of charge! We serve many communities in the metropolitan area.

I'd like to schedule a home pickup
What does La Collecte collect?
When are you coming to my Area?
How to be
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"La Collecte"
at home?
  • To be eligible for our four annual collections, you must complete the short registration form below.

  • Thanks to your registration, you will receive a notice (by e-mail) two weeks before the pick-up. Let us know if you need our services.

  • Leave your clothes outside your door on the pick up day.

From now on, when you make your next contribution to the Home Collection service, you can drop off your electronic products and batteries in transparent in transparent plastic re-sealable bags, as well as with your clothing clothing and household items for collection.

Fondation la Collecte has made arrangements with ARPÉ and Appel à recycler for the recovery and proper recycling of these materials.

Thank you for your contribution!

Design sans titre (61)
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