Free home pickup service

We collect your clothes and household items at your home for free. We offer this service in several locations in the greater Montreal area:

• Four annual collections

• Complete the register form below

• You will receive an email two weeks before we come to collect your donations at your home

• Please leave your clothes outside on your balcony on the agreed day

For now on, during your next contribution to the home pickup service, you can deposit your returnable containers, your electronic products and your batteries in resealable transparent plastic bags as well as with your clothes and household items for the pickup.  The Fondation la Collecte has an agreement with EPRA and Call2Recycle for the collection and recycling of these materials.

Thank you for your donation!

Accepted items

Clothing and footwear

Household items



  • Clothing and footwear

  • Handicrafts, decoratives items and frames

  • Toys, board games

  • Dishes, kitchen items

  • Jewerly, handbags, hats

Refused items

  • Appliances and furniture

  • Mattress and bed frames

  • Large electronic devices (televisions)

  • Heavy objects

  • Bikes for adults and children

  • Tires and car parts (car seats)

  • Hazardous household waste

  • Construction materials

  • Plumbing and electrical items

  • Putrescible mater


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