Free home pickup service

We collect your clothes and household items at your home for free. We offer this service in several locations in the greater Montreal area:

• Four annual collections

• Complete the register form below

• You will receive an email two weeks before we come to collect your donations at your home

• Please leave your clothes outside on your balcony on the agreed day

Thank you for your donation!

Accepted items

Clothing and footwear

Household items



  • Clothing and footwear

  • Handicrafts, decoratives items and frames

  • Toys, board games

  • Dishes, kitchen items

  • Jewerly, handbags, hats

  • Household items (alarm clocks, kettles)

  • Bedding, towels

  • Books, office supplies

  • Sports and physical activity equipment

  • Tools, hardware


Refused items

  • Appliances and furniture

  • Mattress and bed frames

  • Large electronic devices (televisions)

  • Heavy objects

  • Bikes for adults and children

  • Tires and car parts (car seats)

  • Hazardous household waste

  • Construction materials

  • Plumbing and electrical items

  • Putrescible mater


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